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Brean 2020 Report

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Western Recorder – Fall 2020 Edition


Howdy Folks,

A Huge thank you to all that participated in FastDrawUK’s Wild West Quiz, hosted by our very own Treasurer Coffey, during Jailbreak.

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End of the Trail 2019 – Charity Donations made to Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes

Good News Story 🌈
FDUK would like to say a big Thank You to both our Members and Attendees who supported our #EndOfTheTrail event last November you Guys and Gals help us to raise money for the Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes to support their cause.
Below is an nice acknowledgement from Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes, who Fast Draw UK along with you Guys and Gals Supported in their cause…..

Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes

Before lockdown put a stop to us attending events we went along for a great night out with the team from FDUK. Unfortunately we never got the chance to meet up again to be presented with their fabulous donation of £366. From all of us at MF thank you all so much and hope to meet up again when it’s safe. Let us introduce you to Fast Draw UK.
FDUK is a none profitable re-enactment Society with a charitable arm, founded in 2016 by Chairman Daniel Luczak AKA “Big D”. Our core values are to preserve the Country and Western scene, introduce and educate the younger generation and to turn fast draw into a recognised sport. The Country and Western scene has many different aspects to it, ranging from fast draw competition (a sporting event unfortunately not recognised in the UK yet), line dancing, Hollywood Cowboy and Cowgirl authentic/re-enactors and those who have a love for country music both traditional and modern. FDUK sits under the umbrella which covers all these factions of the western scene.
Each year FDUK put on 2 main events, one at the beginning of the year “WAGONS ROLL” and one towards the end of the year “END OF THE TRAIL” however, we do put on additional events in between.
During our main events FDUK donate money to various charities. Our previous event “END OF THE TRAIL” which took place over the weekend of the 22 nd – 23 rd November 2019 we are delighted to have raised £366 for Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes charity.


Howdy Folks,

A Huge thank you to all that participated in the excellent FDUK Wild West Quiz, run by our very own Treasurer Coffey, testing your knowledge on the 1800’s

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